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Imagine an Electronic Health Record designed for genetics.

PhenoTips is the world’s first Genomic Health Record, a complete tool for genetics that makes your work simple, efficient, and patient-focused.

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PhenoTips has made the most impact in the phenotyping space. The tool allows symptoms to be collected in a standardized way, which enables case matching and downstream analysis. PhenoTips software is used on a daily basis by UDN clinicians and researchers.

Kimberly LeBlanc, Associate Director of Research Operations, Undiagnosed Diseases Network, Boston, MA, USA

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productview express(三维数据查看器) V9.2 中文安装版 下载 ...:2021-9-7 · productview express(三维数据查看器) V9.2 中文安装版,productview express是由PTC公司推出的一款十分专业的三维数据查看工具,软件拥有ProductView Lite、productview express、ProductView Adapters等13种模块,用户可伍查看零件、测量尺寸 ...

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Anne-Marie Laberge, MD, MPH, PhD, Researcher, CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center,Associate Clinical Professor of Medical Genetics & Paediatrics, Université de Montréal

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Dr. Marc Tischkowitz, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Addenbrooke's Hosptial, Cambridge University Hospitals

Phenotips has become an indispensable asset to our research team. We are now able to securely store data including medical history, genetic test results, and family histories all in one location outside of the EMR. This has improved our genomic analysts’ ability to locate necessary data to inform results interpretation. In addition, the ease of use has prompted our clinical Genetics team to adopt the pedigree tool for daily utilization.

Lauren Bartik, Genetic Counselor, Children’s Mercy Hospitals

From first encounter to continuing care.

PhenoTips improves your workflow at every step of the patient journey.

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Import, export, collaborate, edit, draw and even auto-draw your patient’s family history.

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agree PhenoTips is the best pedigree drawing software they have used.

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use PhenoTips in their daily practice.

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Simplify and guide diagnosis with phenotype-based gene matching and disease suggestions. Or, use a simple search to record coded rare diseases.

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for our users to reach Diagnosis.

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Discover the GHR for you.

No matter where you fit in genomic medicine, we have a Genomic Health Record for you.

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Good charting and phenotyping is essential for accurate diagnosis. Maximize clinical resources by streamlining patient data capture and get better insights, faster.

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Streamline collection of structured phenotypic data for investigative precision and efficiency. Plug into our collaborative research community today.

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Still manually transcribing your intake forms? Bring your requisition process into the digital age by streamlining the capture of high-quality intake data.

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Stop wasting time on redundant data re-entry, simplify your workflow to focus on delivering high-quality patient care.

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